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Pre Amplifier


The limited edition CSCP-C10 has two significant features same as CSCP-275L  power amplifier. Firstly, it is composed with a lot of New Old Stock components which  was manufactured in the 1960's for reproducing pure analogue sound. In order to  avoid the degradation of sound quality, none of semiconductor devices were used on  a signal path. Diode for rectifying AC current is only semiconductor device used in this  preamplifier. Secondly, the CSCP-C10 preamplifier has a very unique and special  cosmetic design. It has circuit boards to mount the passive devices from top while  conventional tube amplifier has components mounted underneath the chassis. The  tubes are also mounted on the top of chassis. However, differently from conventional  tube amplifiers, the top cover of this CSCP-C10 is made of glass, which enables to  look inside of the circuit board from top of the amplifier (Design patent 30-0710629). In  addition to above features, this preamplifier uses point-to-point wiring method. Most of  all tube amplifiers recently made use printed circuit board for reducing labor cost. As a  result, it becomes very difficult to replace faulty components for repairing and the  printed circuit board may be damaged by poor repair. Point-to-point wiring removes that  kind of worry. The limited edition CSCP-C10 tube preamplifier is designed to be a reference amplifier  for the use of dedicated audiophiles. It has 3 line inputs and 1 phono input. The phono  input has sensitivity of 2mV to support MM cartridge. It has 1 pair of balance output terminals and 1 pair of XLR balance terminals. In order to support various  characteristics of loudspeakers, tone control circuit is provided, which can be bypassed when not in use. 
SPECIFICATION Circuit Tube Stereo Pre Amp Input Impedance Line / Phono 57 kOhm Input Terminal Line RCA Unbalance x 3, Phono x 1 Input Sensitibity 120 mV (Line level inputs), 5 mV (MM, Phono input) Output Terminal RCA Unbalance x 1, XLR balance X 1 Output Level 2V RMS Output Impedance 680 Ohm / Unbal. THD 0.05 % (Line input) Crosstalk -75 dB or less Tubes 5670 x 2, 5965 x 4 Power consumption 70 W max. Dimension & Weight 290 W x 120 H x 405 D, 8.6 kg
COEUR d'ALENE                           Premium Audio Tube Amplifier
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